SAP Migration to AWS

​​Migrate SAP to AWS using advanced automation


Seamlessly migrate your current SAP applications to the AWS Virtual Private Cloud with VCAMP, Velocity’s Cloud Application Management Platform.

VCAMP delivers advanced features enabling:

  • Rapid homogenous migrations, including target environment build out with a simple click of a button
  • Ability to create short term non-production environments, without additional costs or the complexity of selecting and purchasing storage and hardware
  • Easy access to a disaster recovery environment while your on-premise environment can be optimized for end user support
  • Migration projects completed in weeks, not months or years



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VCAMP SAP Applications Migration Process

Velocity’s comprehensive migration process and methodology goes well beyond the technical level, ensuring that your SAP applications are migrated to AWS’ infrastructure in a secure, compliant and seamless procedure utilizing industry-leading best practices.

Our turnkey, automated solutions migrates your applications by transitioning both production and non-production landscapes — along with the relevant interfaces — and customer connectivity required to operate effectively. Tailor your migration solutions based on business outage windows, from zero downtime to cut-over windows scheduled at periods of lower activity. All VCAMP migration solutions follow SAP approved processes and include SAP migration certified specialists.

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Does VCAMP handle both homogenous and heterogenous migrations?

Yes, the technology developed for VCAMP will enable speed, efficiency and accuracy in both homogenous and heterogenous migration initiatives. Heterogenous migrations, requires strict guidelines from SAP are followed - there are logical user exits built into the automation and design supporting those user exits to ensure that all migrations completed with this technology are supported in Production.

In a VCAMP to AWS automated migration approach, how much of the migration effort is expected to be handled by the customer?

The end state of every migration still requires the customer, or the owner of the application, to be involved. However, we have minimized the level of effort required by the customer to the following key areas:

  • Extracting the source data - Velocity provides the script and recommended process to follow so that our customers can assign this task to a resource that is familiar with the environment and has the correct access.
  • Interface and Integration testing - Velocity provides a set of test scripts and direction to enable our customers to validate the operation of the target environment. These customer resources are only engaged for short windows of time.
  • Cutover Window - Velocity requires that customer resources be available to validate the final user acceptance testing.

Although we aim to minimize customer efforts involved in the migration, there may be other limited situations where involvement is required.

Our organization has existing relationships with Global Systems Integrators. Can we still take advantage of the VCAMP technology but use our Global Systems Integrators to assist with our migration efforts?

Yes, it is not mandatory for organizations to use only Velocity resources for migration projects. VCAMP is designed to be used by teams that are responsible for the migration. Your current System Integrator or Professional Services preferred partners can leverage the VCAMP technology along with their deep expertise of your business to deploy an effective and efficient migration solution for your enterprise. Velocity has also created enablement programs where we train and support project teams to use the VCAMP technology to deliver customer solutions.

Learn more about how to optimize and run your SAP applications on AWS​

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