VCAMP for Healthcare

Peace of Mind with Seamless Cloud Control for Healthcare

Application security, visibility, and availability are paramount in healthcare. Velocity’s secure, purpose-built cloud environment is unique for your industry’s highly compliant workloads. VCAMP, Velocity’s Cloud Application Management Platform, transforms the way you deploy and manage your enterprise applications with automation, advanced analytics, and enterprise application intelligence at its core.

Moving your enterprise applications to the cloud, or implementing a new ERP?

Do you have the right skills, technology resources, budget and time to ensure a successful transition? How do you know which cloud endpoint is best suited for your applications? What happens to your enterprise applications once you have moved it to the cloud?

Accelerate your ROI: for a lower cost with more services

Healthcare delivery organizations trust Velocity’s experts to offer a solution with the right resources for your workload, for a lower total cost of ownership with more services, including:

  • Full stack technical and functional support, for rapid adoption of core application functionality for a more productive, and engaged, workforce

  • Advanced analytics at the application layer,  role-based and on-demand for your CISO, CIO, HR, and Finance leaders

  • Automated lifecycle management tools, such as optimized resource utilization, automated test scripts, functional testing tools and compliance monitoring

  • Single source managed disaster recovery solution for lower risk of data loss

Seamless Migration or Net New Implementation

Combining technology with smart resources, migrate or implement your enterprise applications to the cloud quickly, and deploy your applications across a mix of private and public cloud infrastructure, providing flexibility for your user community. 
With software automation, you can define the appropriate policy-based events to make your cloud application behave the way your business requires.

VCAMP: How It Works

Velocity's Cloud Application Management Platform is designed around three service tiers:

  1. Service Management -   Provides users with the ability to manage service level expectations from cloud-based enterprise applications. It includes a comprehensive service catalog for users — tightly integrated with Velocity resources that design and deploy infrastructure components into logical service bundles. Users of VCAMP Service Management enjoy the benefits of visibility and control with easy access to billing, performance and resource utilization.

  2. Service Optimization - Includes various automation elements and capabilities for managing cloud services across multiple endpoints. Typical features include service orchestration, policy management to navigate and direct cloud workloads as well as  APIs for integration with internal and external applications. Although users don’t typically interface directly with this layer - it represents the intelligence behind VCAMP’s ability to manage high-quality cloud services.

  3. Velocity Zoom Analytics - Provides deep business insight on resource and application usage through a set of analytics modules. These analytics are also utilized in providing Service Orchestration with intelligence to optimize cloud resources to support the users changing business environment.

Your Applications. Any Cloud. Our Platform. No Boundaries.

VCAMP delivers an industry-leading application management services platform for healthcare organizations to better manage their enterprise applications in the cloud. Common benefits of deploying VCAMP include:

  • Flexibility: Deploy your application on any cloud — Public, Private or Hybrid — without fear of vendor lock-in

  • Control: Manage your application’s cloud behavior based on policy definitions. Software-defined services driven by your selection from a service catalog

  • Efficiency: Your applications provisioned in minutes, seamlessly add services based on simple policy definitions

  • Analytics: Actionable insights across applications, cloud platforms, and infrastructure — enabling smart decision making for your business

  • Visibility: Comprehensive management system with real-time access to all your entitlements and consumption metrics


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