Most EBS users are not questioning if they should move to the cloud, but rather when and how. Today, the flexibility, cost savings and performance of a cloud model are well known.

This EBS Cloud Roadmap will cover:

  • The Big 3: 3 questions you will have when considering moving your EBS applications to the cloud.
  • Best Times to Move to the Cloud: M&A? Migrating to EBS R12? Evaluate these and other milestone events as the best times to move.
  • 3 Scenarios Walk-Through: Moving from an on-premise solution? Switching providers? Or implementing EBS in the cloud? We’ll show you the way.
  • What Next? Thinking about moving to the cloud without help? 
    A partner might be the best answer.
  • Move to the Cloud with Velocity: We bring our deep Oracle expertise to your EBS applications no matter where they are hosted.
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